Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting to know the new family

Every moment with Kathy is like a dream. Our recent visit to Boston and Rhode Island was no exception. I had to work most of the weekend, but still she went with me... she was there. Life is inherently romantic (this I know), but with her it is more. I am living as within poetry, not merely writing it. Everything feels new, and she still takes my breath away whenever she comes into view, walks into the room, or just looks up into my eyes...

While on this trip, we managed a day trip to visit some of her family. (I must confess that I felt no little trepidation when first faced with meeting Kathy's family - my new family - earlier this year. Those nerves faded fast, though, giving way to the warmth of being welcomed. They have been kind to me, and I am grateful for that.)

We went to Providence, where we visited Ruth, Kathy's grandmother - an illustrious soul with a heart of gold. We also went to see Kathy's sister, Karen, brother-in-law, David, and precious niece, Maisy. They have been so kind to us, always welcoming us into their home and lives.

And of course, we were met in Boston, transported around in the automobile of, and fed lunch by, Kathy's mother, Pat, who is both generous and possessed of a boundless energy. Kathy's Aunt Gail joined us for lunch, too, at Ruth's house. But the real focus was Maisy...

After Kathy returned to D.C., her own work calling her back, I continued to explore Boston as I could, in between meetings, discussion panels, and impromptu conversations with colleagues and strangers. My friend Sarah Rockstar and I took a stroll one afternoon, and I must confess that the City of Boston impressed me even more than it has in the past, with its architecture, the walkability of downtown, the harbor, the comfortable beauty of Boston Common, and the sense of a city alive and at ease with itself.

I look forward to seeing my new family again, over the next few days, while they are here in D.C. for our wedding, and in the years to come. And I look forward to exploring Boston again and again, as life allows.


  1. Maybe you guys could rent Maisy out? She's too cute for words...
    Your Boston pics turned out really well! I'm especially a fan of the buildings.

  2. I had some expert artistic guidance on those building shots... As for Maisy, she is even cuter (and more endearing) in person.