Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ha Ke Hopole

Ha Ke Hopole (This Skin of Mine)

I forget my own skin, forget
My own reflection
Until it is
Walking down the street toward me
Until it is
Walking down the street
On somebody else

No Ntate I, no
I am at most a pale reminder
A two-year temporary ghost
Downtown in a small town
And dancing the pavement of Basotho days

So many eyes to see me
So many ways
A thousand questions
A thousand times a thousand
Hard and soft stares
Hoseng, khotso
But buried none too deep
In the masiu a Maseru
There are too few smiles
And rough weaponry

I want to stay, empa
Ha ke e-so kene
Kea chakela, joale
Kea tsamaea
I am at home here, and I try
But I forget my own skin


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