Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Must Forgive


You Must Forgive

I remembered the beach
and I savored your words
I imagined our distance
measured out in the tides
You offered our habits
like wings to a bird
and they carried me home
where I would not wish to hide

I can still see the coffee
I hold in my hand
as we talk about journeys
and what we will write
I can still feel the colors
we both understand
as we find our way
in the flickering light

Sleeping at night
has been absent of late
like the comfort of company
and the music of love
So I have turned to the friends
in old words that relate
to the blue of great books
and the grey up above

But our conversation’s the cure
like finding a rhyme
that opens the theme
when my eyes want to close
And sadness is joy
if it fills my time
with a brilliant remark
when I need it the most

How did I find you
without getting hurt
when I knew not the hour
just the lure of the moon
Did you dream me in Texas
or did I discover you in verse
you have become my religion
a devoted notion of truth

The beach is behind me
and I am alone once again
but from you I’ve drawn
a muse as a morning to be
And I cannot just lose you
like the past or a friend
because you are the spirit
who is not bound by the sea


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