Thursday, November 18, 2010

Return to Tsehlanyane

Thaba Bosiu was not our only adventure with the CHED 2010 group in July. We also got to return to Tsehlanyane National Park, which, as you may recall, lies at the upper end of a stunningly beautiful valley...

We all - CHED 10 volunteers, Peace Corps Lesotho staff, and myself - piled out of the vehicles at the braai area, where a little impromptu dancing occurred. This new group of volunteers does not lack exuberance, as shall be seen..

Peace Corps Lesotho's training staff, consisting mostly of bo-'m'e (pronounced "boh-may" and indicating a group of adult women, with 'm'e the singular form), began preparations for the braii in a rather picturesque setting:

The rest of us headed off on a hike through the park:

With my wife leading the way, of course!

We came across this water hole after hiking for a while, and the water looked so clean and inviting...

... that some had to savor its purity...

... others had to contemplate its calming essence...

... and others had to show their appreciation with some of their aforementioned exuberance.

The tranquility of the place contrasted perfectly with the volunteers' energy, creating an entrancing balance of play and meditation.

As we hiked onward, we saw fire lines that defied explanation: How could just that strip of brush burn, but nothing around it?

And we just enjoyed the beauty of a largely untouched place:

Finally finding our way back to the main camp:

And the braai. And yes, that is my wife plunging into vast volumes of smoke arising from burning meat...

All enjoyed the moment, the park, and the pleasure of each other's company, as yet another group of young Americans began to explore Lesotho and to get to know the Basotho people...

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