Friday, July 20, 2012

Let it snow!

A couple of week sago, we got our first snow of the winter.  It fell in Maseru, but did not linger upon the ground.  So when Sunday morning found us, we set out on a drive up toward where we suspected winter's coat might still remain.  We were not disappointed.  Early on, we were certain we were headed the right way:

As we passed through villages, we saw traces of the now fall, sometimes still obvious:

Other times more distant:

And sometimes directly beside us as we drove:

But it was the distant ranges that truly caught our eyes:

The contrast with the dry brown of the winter fields merely made them more captivating:

There is quite simply something magnificent about snow-capped mountains:

On our way back, we passed this cell tower where, upon close inspection, I noticed that it featured both solar and wind power sources.  Where their is no infrastructure for bringing power from distant sources, power must, I suppose, be generated locally:

We also passed the new hospital on the outskirts of Maseru, which may not look like much from a distance but is state of the art health care here:

 Even our briefest weekend getaways are filled with beautiful views and fascinating sights...

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