Friday, February 15, 2013

Michael's 48th Birthday

So I recently survived my forty-eighth birthday.  This largely consisted of working from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.  The end of my day was all calls on Skype.  As those of you who use Skype know, part of the display is the video image you are broadcasting - in this case, my face and the parts of our house that can be seen behind me.  Well, as I was finishing up my final call, I saw in that display a small parade of folks walking by behind me.  As I was on a call, I could do little but wonder...

It turns out that my amazing wife had organized a surprise party for me!  I have never had a surprise party thrown for me before.  On television, something always goes wrong with surprise parties.  Not so with this one!  It was nice and intimate.  Besides the two of us, Kathy invited our friends Jim and Deborah, their daughter Ntsang, and our friend Eric.  Jim is my guitar jamming buddy here, and his daughter is a musical prodigy.  So we ate some delicious vegan strawberry-raspberry-peach shortcake that Kathy made, and we played and sang.

Here are Ntsang (playing my travel guitar) and me:

Deborah, Ntsang, me and Jim (from left to right):

Kathy is always accusing Jim and me of playing nothing recorded after 1970.  That is an exaggeration. We play plenty of material from the early 1970's, too.  Including this one, a gentle rendition of Helpless, which Kathy caught the end of:

It was a perfect evening, and Kathy knew it would be when she arranged it.

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