Saturday, April 20, 2013

Botswana: A Preview

Since it may be a while until I get the full set of posts from our Botswana trip completed, here are some pictures to hold you through:

Zebra migration, as seen from Meno-a-Kwena.
Dining "hall" at Meno-a-Kwena.

Bathing in the Boteti River, right below the camp.

View from the water hide.

Evening view from our tent at Meno-a-Kwena.

Lion cub relaxing at Makgadikgadi National Park.

Elephants playing in the Boteti River.

Admiring the elephants.

Getting serious about water play!

The joys of a mud bath...

Vulture perching.

Kudu at Makgadikgadi.

Vervet monkey posing in profile.

A brown snake-eagle soars.

Marabou storks.

San demonstrate their skills.

Petting a scorpion!!

Zebras as seen from the Meno-a-Kwena water hide.

Black crake alongside the Boteti.

Singing under the stars with one of the guides at Meno-a-Kwena.

Wuhv, twoo wuhv...

Lady lion in the grass at Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta.

Relaxing in the evening at Xakanaxa.

Young leopard on the ground.

Same leopard, later, in a sausage fruit tree.

Out on the water with Water, our guide, in a Makoro.

Sunset in the Okavango Delta.

Evening view from our tent at Xakanaxa .

Cape Buffalo at Moremi.

Red Lechwe at Moremi.

Woodland Kingfisher enjoying lunch.

Coffee break in Moremi.

Bush snake discovered while climbing a tree.


Young vervet monkeys.

A prodigious yawn.

Elephants approach at Moremi.

Later, one of those elephants dining.

An elephant and a red lechwe.

Wattled crane.

Great white egret at Moremi in the Delta.

Just out for a stroll...

A pair of saddle-billed storks.

Chobe River as seen from Chobe Safari Lodge.

Elephants wading in the Chobe River.

Tasty reeds.

Beach bums, a.k.a., baboons.

Water monitor lizard.

Happy Hour, Cape buffalo style.

Hippos in the Chobe River.

HUGE crocodile.  (About 4 meters.)

Victoria Falls.

Very young lion cub sipping water at Chobe National Park.

With mom.

Dad, right before he charged our truck.

Do you think they know we're here?

Crowned cormorants drying off after a fishing expedition.

Fish eagles on watch.

White-headed vulture, also on watch.

Get your own warthog!

Kudu along the Chobe River.

Happy Hour, giraffe style.

"Circle of Life" moment at Chobe.

What a wonderful two weeks we had!

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