Friday, March 5, 2010

Evening Light


Evening Light

This is the moment
When the day draws down into the time of long shadows
When what heat remains
bbbbbresides in the stone and earth of hearth and home

When inside we stretch our legs after long hours bent
bbbbbunder our toils and outside troubles
When you on the couch, cool glass in hand, smile restored
bbbbbto its glorious full strength
Are caught

bbbbbbbbbbPerfect in the perfect light

And brilliant refractions of a stretched cerulean sky
bbbbbdance about you like fairy halos and dreams

When love is a lady leaning back into the cushions
bbbbb and making one last call
Before she dissolves into our evening
bbbbb of language lessons and the close holding that is our redoubt

That is our refuge from the aches and weight of unwanted needs
bbbbband longer hours than living should allow
While our separation lingers and we could be

bbbbbbbbbbIn the evening light of our home


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