Friday, March 5, 2010

A Moment More

A Moment More

Let us forget my fears, hear only my songs;
for the songs are written true. My fears are written
in too much haste, too little – comprehension.
Let us go now and always more simply than even the air;
let the silence of love be our breath, for no other need have we,
and the world is our cover and an extension of our interwoven fingers
swinging along the morning roadside three months into marriage
and so alive. I love you not merely as a lover, woman,
and wife. I love you as my heart and its beating, once found wanting
your sweet company, and then blessed with paradise,
bbbbbfor we are now one.

Let us rise without fighting; let us dance without caution.
Let us ride the winds we stir with our own private adventures,
full of laughter and delight and the sublime light of mountain sunsets
captured in our wandering comfort and the home each of us is
to the other. There is no room for regret in this,
for all that I am in my love for you I am in truth,
and the world and dreams are never so bitter as when we are apart.
But I recognize now that we need never be, should I choose to see it so,
bbbbbfor we are now one.

Let us know our home is where we meet; that we need not weep
unless it is for others. We give love new meaning with each day shared,
a limitless garden and shade when we need, and no hunger but that which rises
from the satisfactions of love fulfilled, our hearts calling
each other’s name in all the languages we know,
whispering every single one of our new words for “I am here because I do not wish
to be anywhere else.” All is golden now, like a painted morning;
and I wake only knowing that you are close no matter where you are,
bbbbbfor we are now one.

Let me release my demons and lean on you.
Let trust be my better and not reluctant sense of seeing you,
let love's ways be my only ways, deeper each day and stronger
than any imaginary fiends I may have dreamt during my darker days.
Come, my love, and allow me this, that I may prove my worth to you; that I am enough.
Love is you, and you are my earth and sea - strong, deep, endless;
and in you I can even feel the touch of heaven, which I had never done before,
bbbbbfor we are now one.

Let us be better than I have done; let me sing only of your love.
Let me bring you stars like flowers and string them through your hair,
that I might illuminate your beauty,
and teach the skies and streets to understand the nature of light;
for in you I have found all meaning, and I have never felt so at home
as here, in your eyes and arms, and in your heart I want to dwell,
bbbbbfor now we are one -
bbbbband I am beginning to see
bbbbbthat gratitude is the soul of love.


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