Friday, March 18, 2011

Hashing Again

Though the Hash happens almost every week, Kathy and I participate only intermittently. Weekend time is just too precious, and too often spent elsewhere. But when we do go, we are reminded of Lesotho's spellbinding landscapes...

and its agrarian roots.

Here, the slightly more colorful Hashers set out on their weekly trek:

This hike, in late August, traversed some spectacular farmland:

Crossed paths with balisana (bah-DEE-sah-nah), or herd boys, who were quite friendly - and curious.

This home, which we passed shortly before completing the morning's journey, actually had some solar panels set up in a small hillside array:

The hike finished at Ha Baroana, which is being developed as an historical site.

We hiked down into the nearby gorge, pausing on this bridge to pose:

And to admire the water below:

Then, we continued a bit further down into the gorge, to admire the San cave paintings preserved there:

Truly, a beautiful spot, and worth preserving in its own right:

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