Saturday, July 9, 2011

Closer and Closer

Every year you tell me
Every year you insist
I need do nothing special for your birthday
It really
Is no big deal

But you forget
That for me the act of living
A celebration

A celebration
Of your irresistible entrance
Into my life

A celebration
Of your brilliant capture
Of my imagination

You forget
That for me the sunlight is your laughter
The rain
Is another reason to remain
Within your arms
A lingering moment or two more

You forget
That each day I rise
So that I may begin
Being consumed by you through another day

So that I may again taste life and time
As you
As us
Married and fulfilled

As us

As us
Reuniting with each touch and glance

You forget
That celebrating you
Is simply
What I do

Yours truly,

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