Saturday, July 9, 2011

Visiting Family in Rhode Island

In September of 2010, Kathy and I visited family in Rhode Island while we were back in the States. This, of course, included some quality time with our niece, Maisy, who has apparently gone Hollywood:

She also enjoys cooking. I like to think that in this she is simply taking after me...

She also enjoys relaxing in the sun with the paper. In this, she takes after my wife:

Perhaps not surprisingly, she can climb and slide quite proficiently:

She does, however, seem a bit young to take up driving... But who am I to say?

At one point, the three of us went for a walk around the neighborhood. The sunlight seemed a bit much...

... but the views were worth it.

And provided a lovely spot for a quick nap.

After which, the water required closer inspection - as it so often does when you are two.

Of course, most water practically begs for a splash to be created, and this was no exception!

She's apparently on the fence about something...

We also spent time with the amazing Ruth, Kathy's grandmother on her mother's side.

During this part of our visit, Maisy noticed that her dad was tired, and made sure she addressed this appropriately:

And Ruth regaled us with tales of her seafaring adventures:

And generations of amazing spirits shared precious moments:

We even got to visit one of Kathy's favorite spots in all the world, Briggs Beach.

We picnicked there with Pat (Kathy's mom), Ellen (Kathy's Aunt), and Ruth:

Pat and Kathy apparently took a moment to discuss some serious matters (or maybe they were just cold?):

Even if it was a bit chilly, the spot was still spectacular - and enjoyed by all.

Back at Ruth's, Maisy demonstrated her burgeoning athletic prowess:

And I got to capture this wonderful reminder of how fortunate I am to have so many more incredible people in my family now that I am married to Kathy. From left to right: Ruth, Pat, Karen (Kathy's sister and Maisy's mom), Maisy and Kathy.

At the risk of repetition, the one major down side to living on the other side of the world is that we are so far away from our family. We thus find our times with them to be that much more precious, and we are that much more grateful for them.

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