Friday, January 20, 2017

Part III: Grand Tetons

Howdy Stranger!  The approach to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Our first view of the Grand Tetons.

This is pretty much what I wanted Wyoming to look like...

We had lunch here. We had the entire lake to ourselves!

Entering the Park.

A firefighting helicopter.

A posted map of places to avoid due to fires. The Park Service did a great job getting information out to the public.

What a wonderful color palette.

A view across the valley.

A sight which cannot been done justice by a mere photograph. Felt really, really small at that moment.

And this.

Baby bear!

And mom.

The mountains, the sky, the clear, crisp air...

Jenny Lake, where I hiked a mile and Kathy hiked 10.

These are the views I enjoyed hiking up the other side of Jenny Lake in order to reach the overlook.

The overlook.

The path down from the overlook.

Look closely. There are people climbing down that wall.

An osprey in its nest, as seen from a boat out on the lake.

The gondola we rode up the mountain.

Me, on top of the mountain.

What a view! And a path to follow...

Kathy on top of the mountain. Looks like her part of the mountain was cold.

Looking out over the valley from the mountain top.

Where they serve waffles,

One last look.

Then down we went...

What a wonderful outdoor adventure, exploring such magnificent National Parks!

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