Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bidding Farewell to Paradise (and a Taste of Tana)

The following morning was our last on Nosy Be, and it was truly difficult to depart. We could easily have remained and there were moments when I suspect we almost did...

But we roused ourselves for a final breaking of our fast by the shore and surf of Nosy Be, where we could not help but smile at one another:

Here is that infinity pool I mentioned. Oh, and by the way, it was a salt water pool...

Here is my gorgeous wife admiring the view from upstairs at the lodge:

This is where we dined while we were there:
Seen from above:

And this is the greeting area, where guests are treated with towels to wipe away the road and freshly squeezed juice to welcome in paradise:

After our meal, we returned to our bungalow for our final few hours at Anjiamarango, where I just had to to feel the surf one last time:

And make some more music:

Or just stare at the view

Then it was time to take a deep breath and bid farewell to our beautiful bungalow and the beach on which it rested:

To take in the blue, blue water one more time...

... and catch our flight back to Antananarivo. We arrived at the Nosy Be airport, such as it is, early, and so wandered across the parking lot (all twenty meters of it) to a small, two story stone building, all painted white and open to the air on the second floor, where a smattering of tables where blessed with the breeze of a few strategically placed fans and I could imagine Kathy and I as Bacall and Bogie.

When we arrived back at La Varangue in Antananarivo, the night view from our room helped me hold onto that sensation:

Dining on the veranda at La Varangue completed the picture, especially when Kathy donned a dazzling blue dress!

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