Friday, January 6, 2012

The Comfort of Certainty

I have been meaning to go back and post few poems I have written over the past couple of months. Here is the first of these, written to Kathy for our Second Anniversary:

The Comfort of Certainty

You are the light that gives me my living,

The symphony that lifts me into bliss.

The last kiss you send to me,

A pause in driving off at daybreak,

Is my sunrise,

And the only moment I relish more

Is your return.


As we melt into routine and each other,

Are to me

The grace of being,

The devoted comfort of home.

Holding hands with you and walking

Is like having wings and infinite time -

I can go anywhere with you,

And it is a dream.

Watching you

From any distance,

Across any room or range,

I grow taller

And closer to courage.

As I pull you close in the kitchen

For a sudden, soft squeeze,

I am pledging my heart to you

Again as I did the day we wed -

For I am forever becoming your husband

And wanting to proclaim it to the world.

Yours truly,

On our second wedding anniversary,


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