Friday, January 6, 2012

The Distance from DC and Denver

Here are two more, written while I was in the States for work back in November...

M St

Out after dark

On the solitary streets

Of our once and future home

Leaves brittle beneath my feet

Despite the day’s rain

Streetlights sketching shadows

At my approach

Outlines and edges

Both exaggerated by sleeplessness

And jet lag

The regular rhythm of my suitcase wheels

Crossing the cracks in the sidewalk

Too loud for the vast echoes

Of late night empty urban spaces

Too loud

For my thoughts

I am a stretched out traveling soul

Treading the pathways of passion and doubt

I am here because I am here

And that is enough

But distances are strange

And rough

And I cannot see you in these stars

No matter how I stare

There is a miraculous despair

In our separation

And each step I take

Through this murky midnight madness

Is the sound of a man’s heart

Breaking then being remade

As I pass through the knowing

That I must move away

In order to return

Moments of Silence

Sometimes I just stare at you

Because you are there

And I am afraid to blink

Because then you might be gone

You are woven into me

Like breathing and poetry

Too good to be true

In your absence

I would cease

You are my comfort and my castle

My solace and my sweet release

You are the discovery of love

Honest and whole

Because of you

I am better than I was

Through you

I am more at peace with myself

And with you

I have truly found my way home

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