Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mohoehali (Lesotho)

Mohoehali (moh-HWAY-hah-dee) is the Sesotho word for mother-in-law.  Pat, my mother-in-law, just visited us and we had a grand time.  My only complaint is that it was over too soon.  For the beginning of her trip, she stayed with us in Maseru and got to see a bit of what our lives here are like.  Unfortunately, I had to work during those days while Pat and Kathy were off visiting volunteers.  So I do not have any pictures of those moments.

However, there was one evening when a few of our friends from Peace Corps Lesotho and the European Union were able to join the three of us for an evening at the Lesotho Sun.  Here, Pat is chatting with Laura (LAHW-ruh), who is very Italian, and Evelyn, who works at the Library of Congress back in Washington, D.C., and was visiting her husband (and Kathy's colleague), Eric.  Pat and Laura were were quite possibly conversing in French, as they both speak it fluently.

Here is more of the group, including my lovely wife and Eric.

The reason we chose that spot was, as you can see, its view.  At sunset, there are few better places to be to take in the colors.


No, seriously...

After Pat had seen a little of Lesotho, the three of us headed for Cape Town, and then Franschhoek, which is in South Africa's wine country.  The next two postings will hopefully give you some sense of how amazing that trip was.

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