Saturday, January 19, 2013

Servals, Leopards and Lions, Oh My!

Another visit to the Cheetah Experience in Bloemfontein = Another great day!

A serval is the only "big" cat with stripes and spots.

Me, petting the serval.

Kathy, too.

Leopard cubs.

They have a couple of Canadian wolves.  Out of place, but there as a result of rescue.

A larger leopard.

Lion cubs, enjoying the shade on  a hot day..

Lions in the distant bush.

A male white lion approaches.

Until I actually stood near one, I never really understood how powerful lions are.  Even separated by some distance still, as well as a fence, when a large gets near enough, I can feel its presence.

I can only imagine what it feels to work there, with opportunities to play like this:

Not certain I am brave enough to do that! I like this better.

That is the only way a leopard cub should be worn. Petting it was wonderful, too.

Kathy actually managed to attract the attention of the tiger cub, which had mostly ignored me.

How cool is that?

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