Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Beautiful Day

My memories of our wedding day are a kaleidoscope of perfect moments.

Kathy coming down the stairs in her wedding gown, which was made by her great-grandmother for her grandmother. She literally takes my breath away. Pausing at the landing, as Van Morrison sings "love, love, crazy love" in the background, she smiles - and the universe shifts its focus.

Holding her hand, Connor, her nephew, walks her down the aisle. In our living room. We are married in our living room. I can feel the moment we made that decision and it still feels right.

Each of us, in turn, cries during our vows. Dahlia's words are perfect. (Not only is she our Officiant and friend, she is a poet.) Kathy's words are perfect. And so are mine.

I cannot take my eyes off of my new wife all day. There is no one else.

The sun sets with a glow that lights us all (25 if you count family, friends, groom and bride) as we ride down to the Lincoln Memorial in our trolley. We have dreamed of this. Darkness at the Jefferson Memorial, but it is lit up beautifully. Everything makes a perfect background for us.

Dinner at Oya is everything we could want. The cake from Sticky Fingers is out of this world. And the vintage cake topper we found online fits just right. Surrounded by family and friends. A circle of love unbroken, celebrating ours.

My son, Casey, delivers a beautiful speech during dinner. He speaks of my happiness in a way that makes it clear my happiness matters to him. What a young man he has become. What a proud father I am.

By the time Kathy and I arrive at Hotel Palomar, we are exhausted, but exhilarated by the day, the love, the wedding, the people who were there for us. And Kathy is more beautiful than any woman has ever been. Of this I am certain.

What a day. What a gift to us.

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