Monday, December 21, 2009

Riverside Morning

Kathy and I were married November 21, 2009. Twice. Because the District of Columbia would not allow our friend Dahlia to officiate at our wedding, but the Commonwealth of Virginian would and did, Kathy and I were married first and legally down by the Potomac River that Saturday morning. It was a perfect moment to begin a perfect day.

We met early and drove down to a park in Old Town Alexandria, a few blocks from where I used to live, where we were able to walk out over the water and be married in a quiet moment of simplicity and grace. We spoke a few words, signed our papers, and were wed. And as much as I might from time to time have wanted marriage law in D.C. to be other than it is, I could not have wished for a better, more peaceful way in which to become husband and wife.

The ceremony later that day was our wedding, but that morning, we were wed, and it will stay in my mind as a soft, sweet memory of how our married life began, quietly, in each others' arms, and in the solace of a gentle riverside moment.

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