Friday, December 18, 2009

Right Now, Over Me

The night before the wedding, we wanted no formal rehearsal. We are bringing two families together, and we want that to be a meaningful joining. So we opted for a casual event: Kathy's family and mine, seasoned with a spaghetti dinner prepared by Kathy's mom, Pat. We mingled, we talked, and we even played 'ice breaker' games - one led by Karen, Kathy's sister, and the other by Kathy, who had put the time into developing a Jeopardy-style Getting To Know Us quiz. I had originally been hesitant to embrace the idea of such activities. My mistake. They were great moments, enjoyed by all, though folks did seem to get a bit competitive over the Jeopardy game!

Some of the stories told about me were new, and quite touching, even as they were humorous. Sheryl, my son's girlfriend, told of her trepidation upon the occasion of first meeting me, after having only known me by my deep, sometimes scary Dad Voice, on the telephone. And the recounted memories of Kathy only served to reinforce my faith in her, with tales of how she had been there when needed, providing solace as she does now to me each day.

Everyone got along so well, it seemed to confirm the union we are making. And it revealed anew our remarkable families, to whom we owe so much of who we are. They came together for us, and the spirit of the moment was one of joy and welcoming. Meant to be.

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